The Bald Beauty Queen of Self- Esteem

Sandra Dubose is clearly on her way to becoming the next international, multimedia sensation. The Bald Beauty Queen of Self-Esteem is a dynamic motivational speaker, author, and smooth jazz vocalist with an inspiring personal story. Because of her courage and passion, Sandra made history and national headlines when she competed bald in a statewide pageant. On March 26, 2011, she was crowned 2011 Mrs. Black North Carolina, the 1st Bald Beauty Queen of the state.

Through a series of life events, Sandra has uncovered her purpose and innate ability to inspire others by sharing her testimony and life lessons through words and song. She teaches others how to develop healthy self esteem and empowers them to embrace life challenges as opportunities for growth and self discovery.  Sandra’s life itself is an example of the power of faith and the infinite potential of the human spirit in everyone.  At the age of 25, she was faced with the incurable autoimmune disease, Alopecia Areata which resulted in the complete loss of all of the hair on her body. Initially overcome by low self esteem, she embarked upon a transformative journey to rediscover self-love and true self-acceptance. She has emerged a living example that true beauty originates from within and can never be taken away.

With the birth of her company Dubose Entertainment, in 2008 Sandra owned her power to transform her pain into passion and produced and directed her debut documentary film “Project Liberation, My Alopecia Experience.” To accompany the film, she produced a mini- soundtrack of inspirational music she wrote and performed featuring the hit song, “I’m Beautiful” which is available on ITUNES and other on line record stores. In 2009, she founded the Alopecia Community of the Triangle, a support group for adults and children challenged with hair loss. Sandra is also a patient advocate for Autoimmune Disease Awareness and Women’s Health Issues.

A Light in This World

On March 31, 2012, just as her year long reign as 2011 Mrs. Black North Carolina came to an end, she was given yet another honor by RADICAL Business Success Coach, Doreen Rainey and won the 2012 Radical Woman Award.

This award recognizes and honors the woman who is: Bold and courageous enough to depart from the usual, expected or ordinary in order to take charge of her professional and personal life. This woman lives with purpose and passion in all that she does and is committed to defining success for herself. She has designed a lifestyle that reflects her commitment to her family, her career, her community and to her self-care.

Sandra says, “It is an honor to be recognized by successful women that I personally admire just for being my authentic self and having the tenacity to pursue my dreams. It is the sweetest pat on the back that makes the hard times all worthwhile. “

In November 2015, Sandra won the Lamplighter Award for Health Outreach given by Radio One’s, Triangle’s Inspiration Station, 103.9 FM in Raleigh, North Carolina. 


Sandra is the author of  “My Crown and Glory, It’s Not About the Hair; Six Fundamental Principles to Heal Emotional Wounds and Build Healthy Self-Esteem.” This Empowerment Specialist travels throughout the United States as a champion for women uplifting those with low self-esteem. She encourages them to put down the emotional baggage and teaches them how to experience true liberation by building healthy self-esteem. She delivers her inspiring message at conferences, corporations, churches, universities and high schools. As a vocalist and speaker, she is healing hearts while living her song.