“Project Liberation; My Alopecia Experience” Music Soundtrack

This music soundtrack is an independent project released in 2008 from Dubose Entertainment. It features three inspirational songs that will whet your appetite to hear more from this dynamic vocalist and songwriter. With her gospel roots, rich alto vocals, jazz interpretations and soulful riffs, this album sets the tone for what fans are eagerly anticipating in her full album currently in the making.

The featured song, “I’m Beautiful” has become a favorite among women. It is said to be a healing balm that uplifts women through the sincerity in the lyrics and the sweet sounding vocals. Dubose says, “The song “I’m Beautiful” is like a daily affirmation that was birthed through my experience of overcoming low self-esteem. I used it to heal my heart and I sing it with love with hopes that it will do the same for women all over the world.”

Sandra Dubose is the Executive Producer for the Project Liberation Music Soundtrack. These original songs were all written and performed by Sandra Dubose and produced by:

  • I’m Beautiful: By Clayton Brock, Keith Carlyle and Rashaad Terrell
  • It’s You: By Kenneth Taylor, Dennis Nelson and Keith Carlyle
  • Thank You: By Julian Varner

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