“Project Liberation; My Alopecia Experience”

Produced and Directed By: Sandra Dubose

Project Liberation; My Alopecia Experience”, is the debut film from Dubose Entertainment. In this inspiring self-documentary, Sandra shares the personal details of her journey toward self love and self acceptance when she experienced complete hair loss starting at the age of 25, due to the autoimmune disease Alopecia Universalis.

In this film, Sandra is accompanied by her closest friends, The Link Sister Circle. Together they explore the relationship women have with their hair and uncover the true origin of beauty. Informative and empowering, Project Liberation is a real life example of how to turn lemons into lemonade. You will be inspired as you witness Sandra’s courage when she goes outside bald for the very FIRST time and celebrates herself by doing a bald glamour photo shoot. Filled with heartwarming moments, loads of laughter and happy tears, this film is a powerful story that is healing hearts and liberating others to freedom all over the world.


* Also available to borrow at select public libraries throughout the United States.  Librarians can order a copy through Midwest Tapes.

Praise for Project Liberation!

I truly appreciate all that I’ve learned in your film about alopecia. You are a phenomenal, bald, bold and beautiful woman. Thank you for sharing your soul, spirit and life experiences to gain your liberation. Thanks for showing me the way to my liberation too. J. Fails/ Greensboro, NC
My daughter has Alopecia Totalis. We certainly appreciate the information and inspiration you provided through the film. I found the documentary to be very helpful and useful as a teaching tool. J. Lewter/ Kannapolis, NC
I was tremendously blessed by this film. I was diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases, ITP and autoimmune hepatitis. It was extremely hard for me to accept it at first but eventually I realized it was meant to be shared with others. You have inspired and encouraged me to stand strong and move forward. God Bless you. V. Moore/ Fuquay-Varina, NC