Most Popular Speaking Topics:

Teen Empowerment Program: This Girl is on F.I.R.E. (Customized for middle, high school and college students)

  • This interactive workshop is for young ladies ages 14 to 21. Learn the four characteristics of a Girl on F.I.R.E. that will ignite the fire and spark your inner genius to be a lady who leads, loves herself and leads a purpose driven life. (Focused, Intelligent, Regal and Extraordinary)
  • Learn the meaning of healthy self-esteem and proven strategies to help cultivate it
  • Create a vision for your life and avoid the pitfalls of peer pressure and toxic relationships
  • Practicing self respect, honoring your body and accepting your own unique beauty
  • Embracing your brilliance and letting your light shine to inspire others
  • Understanding your worth, setting high standards and not giving yourself away

Women’s Health: Heal Your Life- Mind, Body and Spirit

  • Learn how to take charge of your life and create optimum holistic health- mind, body and spirit
  • From the patient perspective, Sandra teaches how to overcome health challenges and manage your emotions to create the best quality of life
  • Finding strength in helping others by offering support and sharing information

Domestic Violence: Own Your Power

  • Moving from victim to victorious by owing your power
  • Building confidence and healing your life from the inside out
  • Overcoming fear and depression and restoring the joy in your life

Self-Esteem Workshop: Embrace Your Inner Beauty Queen

  • In this interactive workshop, Sandra will review the six fundamental principles that will heal emotional wounds and build healthy self-esteem
  • Get the tools you need to build your confidence and begin the inner work to create the authentic life you desire and deserve
  • Overcome emotional baggage and step into a powerful sense of peace and freedom

Corporate Topic: Self-Confidence for a Successful Career

  • Learn how to build your confidence, define success for yourself and achieve your career goals without limits
  • Uncover the hidden emotional traps that weigh you down and stunt your growth
  • Increase job performance and productivity by taking initiative and ownership  of your success

 Hair Loss: Top 5 Tips to Shift from Being Insecure to Self-Assured

  • Learn about alopecia areata and the many different types and causes of hair loss for men and women
  • Be inspired by the Bald Beauty Queen as she shares her personal testimony of overcoming the loss of all of the hair on her body at the age of 25 and 5 tips on how you can regain your confidence and self-esteem
  • Re-evaluate your relationship to your hair and learn the benefit of being natural and not defining your beauty by your external attributes

*Talk topics are customized to fit your needs and can be presented as a keynote or facilitated as a workshop.

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