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A Motivational Speaker With A Song....  

I am a Renaissance Woman, bringing my full creative self to all the ways I serve the world. I believe in living out my fullest potential, and it is truly my heart’s desire to inspire and help others do the same.

For nearly 15 years, I have traveled all over the United States as a Motivational Speaker and performed for thousands of
 people. Whether I am on stage delivering a transformative keynote address, or facilitating a workshop, I draw from my well of wisdom and lived experiences. As a certified John C. Maxwell Personal Development and Leadership Coach, I teach principles that provide the foundation to build a successful life, and career. When I am not speaking, you can find me on stage pursuing my other passion as a performing artist. Whether I am belting out a soulful melody, entertaining an audience as the emcee of an event, or embodying colorful characters as a professional actor and voice-over artist, I am consistently living my song. The only thing I love more is performing my most important role, which is being a mother to my two amazing daughters.

About Sandra Dubose

My mission is to IGNITE the fire that yearns to burn in all of us.

At the age of 25, I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease, Alopecia Areata. I was devastated after losing all the hair on my scalp and body within 3 years. The doctors advised that there was no medical cure. Everyone’s experience would be different. This was the “New Me” for potentially eternity! That life-altering diagnosis rocked me to my core. It made me question my beauty and my worth. I wrestled with feelings of depression, and low self-esteem. All my childhood grandiose dreams of performing on stages all over the world began to fade to black as I suddenly wanted to shrink overcome with embarrassment. With the loving support of my family and tribe, a therapist, countless self-help books, and a strong spiritual life, after a
few years of self-discovery, I was able to find my rhythm again, but better than ever. “Time itself did not heal my wounds, the work did."

How It's Going....

After hiding under wigs for years, in 2008, I had finally built up enough courage and confidence to take my wig off and allow the world to see me as I was. I was mentally Free to be Me! That season of liberation changed my life forever and solidified that my purpose was to help others overcome their mental and emotional challenges as well. As a result, I started advocating for Alopecia Areata awareness and started my company, Dubose Entertainment. In 2011, I competed bald in a statewide beauty pageant and made history when I became the 1st bald beauty queen and crowned 2011 Mrs. Black North Carolina. Ever since then, I have coached countless men, women, and children on their journey to achieving greater confidence, overcoming obstacles, and developing the leader that lives within. Through words and song, I use my voice to inspire healing, and I let my light shine inside and out to give other people permission to do the same.


Grab Your Copy of the Best-Selling
Book that is changing lives!

From the first shaky moments of her escape from an abusive relationship and her 

crippling battle with low self-esteem, My Crown and Glory-It’s Not About the Hair,
follows Sandra Dubose through her incredible journey from an emotionally scarred
teenager to strong, self-assured “bald beauty queen.”

Sandra shoots from the hip, and through her candid storytelling, she bravely opens
her life and her heart to those struggling through life’s trials. These are the
chronicles of her triumph over the challenges she faced after ITP autoimmune
disease threatened her health and Alopecia Areata left her without hair. Her
message rests squarely upon the power and grace of spiritual connection to forge
new pathways to personal growth and transformation. Sandra’s story will resonate
with anyone who has felt broken by life’s circumstances, and her outline for
achieving healing, redemption, and happiness offers others a guiding hand through
the hardest moments of their own journeys.

 Sandra Dubose - Author Book Cover

BOLD, Beautiful, and Resilient!

Motivational Speaker. Author. Coach. Performing Artist.

FOLLOW MY JOURNEY   @BaldBeautyQueen

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